Nameservers and DNS Records for KWR Hosting

Note: If you are not an IT or web professional, please read DNS Records: What they are and why you need them before attempting to edit your own DNS records.

If using KWR's nameservers

If would like to enter your nameserver records at your registrar to point to KWR's nameservers, you need enter one of the following sets of records, depending on what server you're on. When you sign up for KWR hosting you should receive a 'Welcome' email that includes your nameserver info. If you did not receive this email, please contact us to find out what server you're on.

Server Record 1 Record 2
KWR Atlanta Server 1
KWR Seattle Server
KWR Atlanta Server 2

If using your registrar's nameservers

You will need to enter two records: an Address record (A record) pointing (@) to your web server, and an A record pointing to the same location. These records are listed below for our three web servers. Obviously you will need to know which server your website is on in order to enter the correct records. Please contact us for support if you need more info.

Server Name Record Type Address
Atlanta Server 1
@ A
www CNAME @
Seattle Server
@ A
www CNAME @
Atlanta Server 2
@ A
www CNAME @