cPanel Login

Log into cPanel to manage your website and email accounts.

How do I log into cPanel?

In order to log into cPanel, you will need the following info:

  1. Your login URL - for example:
  2. Your username - usually a short, 2-4 letter abbreviation of your business name
  3. Your password - If you know your username, you can reset your password on your cPanel login page via the 'Reset password' link. Note - this will only work if the email address on your cPanel account is yours.

Your login info should have been emailed to you when you signed up for your hosting account. If you lost it or didn’t receive it, please contact us at

Login URL's

You can most likely get to your cPanel login page by typing into your address bar. For example, if your website's domain name is, then you would go to to be redirected to your cPanel login page. In some cases this may not work. (for example: if your domain is not resolving correctly to the server). If it doesn't work, please contact us and we will give you an alternate URL.


Email if you don't know which server you're on, or if you forgot your username or password.

If you need help using cPanel, please contact us for support, or refer to the official cPanel documentation (