How to “block” incoming email with cPanel

There is no “block” feature in cPanel, however you can use the filters feature to automatically delete incoming messages from a specific sender (or have them sent to spam).

  1. Log into cPanel and
    • go to Global Email Filters (to filter incoming mail to all addresses)
      --- (OR) ---
    • go to Email Filters (to filter incoming mail to one specific address), find your email account and select Manage filters
  2. Select Create a New Filter
    1. Enter a name (can be any name you want)
    2. Under Rules, select "From" and "equals"
    3. In the text box below, enter the full email address of the sender you wish to block.
    4. Under Actions, select either:
      • Discard Message (if you want to automatically delete messages from this recipient),
        --- (OR) ---
      • Move to Folder… then select your spam folder

See How to Configure Mail Filters (Official cPanel Documentation) for more info.