Our web hosting plans save you time, save you money and keep your website alive with better uptime than cheap hosting from Godaddy or an EIG brand.

About KWR web hosting packages:

  • We design our packages to save you money in the long term.
  • We don’t want to bait you into a cheap plan and then surprise you with extra costs when you call for support.
  • We will not accept you for a lower priced package if we think you will need more support than what’s included.
  • We actually admit that our hosting plans have limitations up front. Most retail hosting companies will claim "unlimited" storage and bandwidth in their ads and then contradict that in their 'fine print' (acceptable use policy).

Standard Web Hosting and Tech Support Package - $20/month

Our $20/month package works for most small and medium-sized business websites. It includes hosting plus a support package that we designed to cover the most common issues experienced by small business owners without charging you extra.

This package includes the following:

Web Hosting Account

  • 10GB disk space
  • 100GB/month bandwidth
  • Max allowed traffic: 100,000 total page views/month
  • Email hosting for up to 10 addresses; up to 50 outgoing messages per hour.
  • Automatic weekly backups of your entire website, retained for at least 6 months. Incremental backups can be used in the event that you wish to revert back to an older version of your website (for example, if you accidentally deleted an important file, or if there's any other kind of problem with a new version of your site).
  • Includes cPanel, which you can use to manage your email accounts and download a backup of your website at any point in time (these backups would be in addition to the automatic backups that our server performs for you).
  • Supports Wordpress and other content management systems.
  • Includes automatic SSL certificates for your primary domain, all addon domains, and subdomains, which allows visitors to browse your sites via HTTPS (encrypted). This will prevent browser warnings such as 'not secure' in Chrome.
  • Up to 5 addon domains are allowed - this means you can host up to 6 websites on your account. However, you must pay registration fees to your registrar for each additional domain name you purchase.
  • Up to 10 subdomains are allowed.

Standard Tech Support Plan

The monthly fee for your hosting plan includes a support package. You will not be charged extra for services that are covered by your support package.

  • 24/7 Uptime monitoring and restoration in the event of any service outages. Our monitoring system checks our servers every 30 seconds.
  • Domain name/DNS support
    • Domain registration monitoring for 1 domain and reminders when your domain is about to expire.
    • DNS and Nameserver record editing at your registrar (Godaddy, Network Solutions,, etc.) as required to resolve your primary domain.
    • Investigate and resolve domain name resolution issues.
  • Password resets (if you forget the password to your cPanel or content management system).
  • Login support/instructions (if you forget how or where to log in).
  • cPanel support/training - instructions on how to use cPanel to download a backup of your site, manage email accounts, etc.
  • Limited content management training - For example, how to edit page text using the Wordpress dashboard.
  • Limited support on PC issues that may be preventing you from viewing your website.
  • Coordinate with your IT provider to help resolve issues on your local network related to your website - for example, custom DNS records on local network that may be affecting domain name resolution. Note - KWR does not offer support for local networks or devices. Resolution of issues related to your local network will require the assistance of your network administrator or IT solutions provider. If you need network administration and/or IT services, we recommend ACM Computers in Ventura, CA.
  • Webspam monitoring and custom filtering for website contact forms.
  • Transfers of websites from other hosting providers (Hostgator, Godaddy, Bluehost, Inmotion, etc.) to our servers.
  • Malware removal for small websites (for example, if a Wordpress plugin with a security vulnerability gets infected with malware).
  • Wordpress plugin updates (for free plugins / small websites).
  • Free consultations and advice on any topic related to domain names, websites, web hosting, web design/development, content, marketing strategy, etc. We will keep it real and let you know which services you actually need, which services are likely to generate a return on investment, which services are not likely to benefit you at all, etc.
  • Any other miscellaneous technical issues, questions or support inquiries we can resolve within a 15 minute call.
  • DNS support for third-party mail providers - For example adding DNS records for G Suite / Gmail for business or Microsoft / Office 365 email.
  • If we are hosting your email:
    • Troubleshoot mail delivery problems (if expected mail was not received, or if your outgoing message was not received by the intended recipient).
    • Email access support (instructions for accessing your email via Outlook, your phone’s mail app, etc.)

What’s Not Included

Services not included in your support package will be offered at a rate of $80/hr (discounted rate for hosting clients only), billed in 15 min increments. The following services are not included in our standard tech support package:

  • Domain registration fees - In order for your website to function correctly, you must also pay for domain registration in addition to web hosting. You have two options for domain registration:
    1. You register your domain with a third party registrar (this could be Godaddy, Network Solutions, eNom, or any other registrar). In this case you pay your registrar directly and renew each year. We recommend 5-year renewals - if you only renew 1 year at a time, you are more likely to forget about it and lose your domain.
    2. KWR registers and manages the domain for you. The charge for this is $20/year for .com domain names. Some domains are more expensive to register and renew than others:
      • If you are using a TLD (Top Level Domain - that means the part of the domain name after the last dot) other than .com, the registration and renewal cost may be higher.
      • If you are trying to buy a domain that’s already registered (not available), the cost could be very high.
  • Content updates (posting new articles, photos, editing existing information, etc.) are not included, however you can edit content yourself if you would like to use the content management system included with your website (Wordpress, Acacia, etc.).
  • Layout/style modification - for example: making a photo larger or smaller, text larger or smaller, changes to column width/orientation, changes to logo or size/position of logo, color changes, font changes, etc.
  • Mass email campaigns - Bulk mail is not allowed on our servers. You will need to use a third-party service such as MailChimp for your email marketing campaigns (newsletters, announcements, special offers, etc.)
  • Email support at the account level is not included in our standard support plan, however we can provide the following services at our standard hourly rate, or you can do it yourself using cPanel:
    • Add new email addresses (for example:,,, etc.).
    • Manage IMAP folders, clean out old messages, etc.
    • Reset email passwords (if you forgot your password)
    • Spam filter modifications - Whitelist or blacklist certain incoming email addresses.
  • Any training sessions longer than 15 minutes.
  • Major updates to Wordpress themes that have been customized.
  • For ecommerce sites: Malware removal or investigation of credit card theft.
  • DDoS Protection - If your site is targeted by a DDoS attack you will need to purchase a Cloudflare subscription ($20/month) in order to keep your website up. We can order and configure this for you, but you will need to pay the subscription fee. DDoS attacks are rare on small websites (we've seen it only once in 10 years) but it can happen to anyone.
  • Any configuration changes to ecommerce sites.
  • Wordpress theme fees (for paid themes).
  • Wordpress plugin fees (for paid plugins - for example, plugin for WooCommerce)
  • Payment gateway fees for online stores.
  • IT support - If there are hardware or software problems on any of your computers (workstations or servers) that are preventing you or other users from browsing the web, we may advise on such issues but will most likely not be able to provide a resolution for you. We can refer you to an IT support provider in these cases (ACM Computers).
  • Transfers away (from our servers to a third party hosting provider) are permitted at any time, however we do not perform the actual transfer out. In the event that you choose to transfer away, we will of course provide you or your new hosting provider with the necessary login info to copy your website data from our server, however the transfer itself must be performed by your new hosting provider.

New Website Packages - for Hosting Clients only

Note: The packages below are only for hosting clients - we can’t offer you these packages at these rates if you are hosting your website with a third party (such as Godaddy, Hostgator, etc.).

$1200 New Website + Content, Complete Package

For hosting clients only - this package is only for clients who sign up for our standard hosting and tech support package.

1 on 1 - Full Service Including Content Creation

This package is for business owners who need content and want to work with us 1 on 1 to create a new website. Our objective is to create a website using 100% original content (no stock photos or text copied and paraphrased), in other words, to keep it real. You must be committed to working with us to create content in order to make this happen.

The best deal ever

This is a heavily discounted flat-rate package. We don't offer it to everybody. We will meet with you first to make sure it will work for you before we recommend it.


  • Content
    • Writing - up to 4 articles
    • Photography - 1 day shooting
  • Website Design
    • Homepage design + up to 2 unique templates for other pages.
    • Design to optimize conversion rate.

Does Not Include:

  • Ecommerce setup
  • Video production
  • Logo design
  • Lead generation programs such as search advertising (pay per click), mass email campaigns and social media advertising.

Purpose of this Package

You can use this website to help convert potential clients into clients.

This is not a lead generation package in and of itself and does not include advertising costs. It is a package that will help you convert traffic to leads. You won’t get the leads if you don’t have the traffic. If you want guaranteed traffic you will have to pay search engines. We can set up a Google Ads account for you if you are interested in this. However please note that advertising fees and campaign setup fees are not included in the package price.

Interview Required

We don’t automatically accept every client, especially for flat rate packages. We want to make sure a package will work for you (and us) first. The first step is for us to interview you so we can understand your business. If we don’t think the package will work for you then we will recommend a custom package or another solution.

Who should choose this package?

This package is recommended for business owners who want to promote an offline product or service. It works particularly well for contractors and home service businesses: Roofing, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, carpet cleaning, janitorial services, etc.

Our ideal client for this package meets the following requirements:

  • You should be active in the day-to-day operations of your business on a regular basis.
  • You should already have some clients and already be getting business by word of mouth. In order to create content we need to have something to talk about, which means you need to have completed some work for clients prior to starting your website project.
  • You should have a 'keeping it real' attitude not be afraid to talk about your business to the world. You want to use your website to give your customers real content (actual photos as opposed to stock photos, real facts and information as opposed to marketingese).
  • Please set aside some time to spend working with us on content - at least 2 hours/week for about 4 weeks. We will be in direct contact with you throughout the process. Ideally you will have time to communicate with us directly as opposed to delegating it to an assistant.

Custom Hosting Packages and Additional Costs

Hosting Packages with Higher Resource Limits

Contact us for info on a custom package if you need more than what’s listed above. For example, higher storage needs will cost more, as will maintenance of specialized software and custom features.

Online Sales

e-Commerce sites linked to a merchant account or other payment processing system - The $20/month KWR plan will support this but you will also need to pay the gateway fees ( for $10/month and pay to license/renew the necessary plugins if using Wordpress/WooCommerce - usually about $80/year)

Content, Design and Development Packages

Contact us for more comprehensive work including photography, video, design, development, graphic design and branding. See for video portfolio.