Terms of Service

Accepted Payment Methods

We accept the following payment methods for web hosting plans:

  • Credit Card - Automatic Monthly Payments - We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express
  • Check - Prepaid Annually

Terms for Automatic Monthly Credit Card Billing

Monthly credit card payments for all hosting accounts are processed automatically on the first day of each month for the previous month’s service.

We require and store only your credit card account number and expiration date (we do not use CCV codes).

If your card is declined we will contact you and request updated credit card information. Upon receiving updated credit card information we will request authorization for payment of your outstanding balance. If we are unable to collect payment after 2 months from your last due date and after multiple attempts to contact you, we reserve the right to terminate services.

No partial-month billing - Each month in which service is rendered counts as a full month. This helps us simplify our billing process and keeps our costs (and your costs) down. For example, accounts that sign up on the 15th of the month will be billed starting on the 1st for a full month’s service.

Terms for Accounts Paid by Check

Annual prepaid plan - If you opt to pay by check, we require hosting fees to be prepaid annually. We will invoice you for a full year’s service prior to activating your hosting account. Payment is due 30 days from launch date (for new sites) or completion of transfer (for transfers of existing sites).

Expiration date for annual plans is one calendar year from the date service goes into effect. Renewal fees will be billed 1 month before your expiration date. If we are unable to collect renewal fees after 2 months from your expiration date and after multiple attempts to contact you, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate services.

Cancellations and Transfers

Cancel at any time - You may cancel your hosting plan at any time without cancellation fees or further obligations. Simply request cancellation by email, phone or text message and you will not be charged again. Credit card accounts will not be billed for hosting plan service rendered during the month in which cancellation is requested, as long as cancellation is requested at least 3 business days before the end of the month (give us at least 3 business day to process your cancellation). Accounts pre-paid by check will not be refunded for unused time.

Transfer to another host at any time - You may transfer to a different web hosting provider at any time. No buyout or cancellation fees are required. Simply request cancellation by email, phone, or text message and we will provide you with your cPanel login information, which will allow your new web hosting provider or another web professional to log in and copy your website files, databases, and email. We will not suspend services until we have confirmed that your hosting transfer is complete (DNS A and MX records are resolving to your new web server). For billing purposes, cancellation is considered effective at the time that we suspend your account, at which point the terms for cancellations described above will apply.

Refund Policy

All sales are final. No refunds except in the following cases:

  • Billing errors - For example, if an incorrect amount was charged, or a transaction was processed by mistake.
  • Discontinuation or failure of service - If we discontinue a service, or are otherwise unable to provide service per the terms of a purchase agreement within a period that has been paid for by the customer, we will refund the customer for the period of time during which the service is unavailable.

Billing Disputes and Chargebacks

If you have a question about a transaction or would like to open a billing dispute, please contact us at support@keepitreal.hosting.

Requesting a chargeback on a valid (authorized) transaction is not an acceptable or legal means of obtaining a refund. Please contact us to resolve any billing disputes or refund requests prior to initiating a chargeback request. If we receive a chargeback from a credit card company or bank, we will consider this a request for cancellation of services and will process accordingly.

Resource Limitations / Acceptable Use Policy

Your website must not exceed the resource limitations (storage, bandwidth, traffic etc.) specified in your hosting plan details. CPU usage may be regulated at our discretion. In most cases, staying within the resource limitations specified in your hosting plan details will ensure that CPU and memory usage stay within an acceptable range. If your site consumes more than 15% CPU for extended periods of time (30 minutes or more) you may be required to upgrade to a more expensive plan.

If your site is targeted by a DDoS attack, you will most likely exceed resource limitations and you will need to purchase DDoS protection such as Cloudflare in order to keep your website up (not included in KWR hosting plan). We do not include protection against DDoS attacks in any of our hosting plans and do not guarantee uptime in the event of such attacks.

Mass Email / Spam - You may not send more than 50 email messages per hour using your hosting account. Mass email campaigns (newsletters, etc.) must be sent through a third party service provider such as MailChimp. We do not allow unsolicited mass email of any kind.

Copyright Infringement and Illegal Content - You may not post copyrighted content (image, text, or video) on your website, or any content that is otherwise illegal to publish in the United States.

Websites and email only - Our hosting plans are only to be used for websites and email. You may not host other types of services, such as peer-to-peer file sharing, gaming servers, Bitcoin miners, etc.