KWR Hosting

Keeping Websites Real / Keeping Websites Alive

Ad-free, Hype-free Web Hosting for Small Business Owners

  • Legit, reliable and backed up incrementally
  • Pay for what you need and no more
  • VIP support from people who keep it real

$20/month - Hosting and Support Package

Our standard hosting plan works for most small business websites:

  • 10GB storage
  • Host multiple websites for the price of one - Up to 10 domains are allowed. Combine all of your websites into one account.
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring - Checks the server at 30 second intervals.
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Why use KWR Hosting instead of another web host?

Because we’re keeping it real. This means:

  • No hidden fees
  • No bait and switch sales tactics
  • We work to keep your cost down and solve your problems without selling you extra stuff.
  • Ad-Free and buzzword-free communication - We won’t waste your time. We don’t hype up useless services and selling points that have practically no effect on your bottom line.
  • We pay attention - The retail giants are overloaded with thousands of customers and constant complaints. KWR works closely with a small group of customers to prevent problems in the first place.

Cancel or transfer at any time

Own your own data and transfer out at any time, to any cPanel hosting company. No contracts are required. We will not ask you to invest in a system that won’t be there for you in the future or that you can’t take with you if you transfer.

Benefits of KWR Web Hosting

What do you get when you host your website with KWR?

  • Reliability

    • Is your website staying alive? How do you know if it goes down? Our monitoring system checks our web servers at 30-second intervals and warns us of downtime immediately so we can resolve any issues as soon as possible. Other hosts typically rely on you to report downtime to them, potentially resulting in hours of downtime before they've even become aware of the problem.
    • Our hosting service has a track record of approximately 99.99% average uptime over the past two years - this means about 5 minutes of downtime per month on average. Instead of making claims and empty promises, we keep it real and simply publish our full uptime reports with exact numbers including time and duration of each outage on each server (view public uptime reports: | | Shared web hosting with the major retail companies (Godaddy and EIG-owned brands) averages about 45 minutes per month of downtime caused by server crowding, 'bad neighbor' issues, and 'asleep at the wheel' management. They wait for you to complain before they do something to fix your problem.
    • We minimize downtime by carefully selecting our servers and limiting our client base to legitimate local business owners who we can work with closely.
    • Incremental backups for all clients - We always make sure that our clients' websites are backed up. This is not an opt-in or add-on service. It is enabled for all clients by default and we don't charge extra for it like some hosts do.
  • Guaranteed Work and Estimates

    • If we are your hosting provider, we have the ability to guarantee that websites we create or modify for you will continue to function as expected after they are launched.
    • We also have the ability to estimate more accurately and therefore guarantee that a project will be completed within an agreed upon budget.
  • Lower Long-Term Cost

    • As a business owner, you have to “keep your mind on your money, and your money on your mind”. We give our hosting clients a 20% discount on KWR website design, development and content services.
    • If you need help with small content updates, you can save money by using KWR web hosting. If you are a hosting client, we will bill you in 15-minute increments ($20 per 15 min). Non-hosting clients are billed for minimum of 1hr. This means that if you only need 15 minutes then you only pay for 15 minutes. Hosting your website allows us to make content updates faster so we are able to complete support tasks faster.
    • Our base hosting fees are slightly higher but our support plans cover more than retail web hosting. This saves you money in the long run - the long-term cost is almost always lower with KWR. We go above and beyond what the retail giants will do for you.
    • We work to keep your cost down instead of trying to sell you new products and services. Our goal is to solve your problem without charging you extra (keeping it real).
  • Saves you Time

    • No automated phone systems or waiting on hold
    • You won’t have to navigate through a call center and explain the same thing to 3 different people to get an answer to a question.
  • Faster Updates and Changes

    • If we’re hosting your website, that means we can work more efficiently, make changes and fix problems faster. We won’t have to spend time chasing down passwords or reacting to configuration changes that another hosting company decides to make.
  • No Ads or Confusing Automated Emails

    • Most retail web hosting companies will bombard you with automated messages about their products and services. They carefully word these messages to make it sound like you need to buy something when you really don’t. That’s not keeping it real. The messages go out to everyone - they don’t check first to see if your business would actually benefit from the service they are advertising.
    • KWR hosting will only recommend a product or service if you actually need it or we expect you to see a positive return on the investment.